About Me

Hi, my name is Trishna. I live in India , and I'm currently pursuing my B.tech in Biotechnology. I've started this blog in 2015 and have been managing it since then. I've always been interested in makeup & beauty, so creating a beauty blog was on my wishlist. I've created this blog during mid september-november, when I was in my 12th standard.

My blog promotes beauty on a budget! There's nothing more satisfying than finding good and affordable makeup & beauty products (occasionally fashion) on a budget, so hence you can relate the name of my blog. You'll find me posting about makeup, skincare, diy, and some other random things. My first post was about a top rated compact powder from maybelline. I'm very keen and interested in eotd's, which you can even find on my instagram page as well. I've done few collaborations with some brands, which you can specifically find them in the contact/pr section.

If you like (or love <3) my blog, then do comment, share my posts and don't forget to subscribe to get notified whenever I post something new.