Best False Eyelash Glue

If you are a makeup lover like me and love to experiment with eye makeup, then you might know how important lash glue is. Choosing an Eyelash Glue can be very difficult, considering the various false eyelash glues available on the market.
Eyelashes amplify your eye makeup to the next level. So eyelash glue plays an important role in the makeup industry. Nobody wants to spend thousands of rupees on an eyelash glue, hence I've incorporated the 'Best Drugstore False Eyelash Glue Under Rs.500'. Ardell Miss Claire and GlamGalsare on my list of Best False Eyelash Glue

Best Drugstore False Eyelash Glue

Miss Claire Eyelash Adhesive - Clear White

Miss Claire Eyelash Adhesive is formulated for Long-lasting eyelash wear. Your falsies will stay on securely all day. This adhesive is clear white, waterproof and dries invisibly.
  • Holds your eyelashes securely in place
  • Ensures long day wear
  • Safe to use
  • Water-proof formula

PRICE: 250 for 7gm

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Miss Claire Eyelash Glue Clear Tone & Black

Miss Claire Eyelash Glue Clear Tone

Miss Claire Eyelash Glue Black

Bat your falsies effortlessly with long-lasting hold using Miss Claire's Eyelash Glue. first. This gentle eyelash adhesive is non-toxic and pH-balanced for safe use. Its dark pigment blends in with your natural eyelashes seamlessly, making the long-lasting bond look real.
    • Holds your eyelashes securely in place.
    • Ensures long-lasting hold.
    • Non-toxic and safe to use.
    • Waterproof formula.
  • The clear white adhesive that dries invisibly.
PRICE: Rs.250 for 5gm


GlamGals Eyelash Glue - Black

GlamGals Eyelash Glue Black

Treat your eyelashes well with the GlamGals Eyelash Glue!
  • Paraben & Phthalate-free Glue.
  • With an easy brush-on applicator.
  • With a long-lasting formula.
PRICE: Rs.360 for 6.5 ml


Ardell Lashgrip Strip Adhesive - Clear & Dark

Ardell Lashgrip Strip Adhesive - Clear

Ardell Lashgrip Strip Adhesive - Black

Ardell False Eyelash Lashtite Adhesive has a longer lasting adhesive and is used on individual lashes only.
  • It can hold lashes for weeks but must be removed with lash free remover if it becomes necessary to remove the lashes.
  • Made with sterilized human hair.
  • Gives you a natural look.
  • Lightweight and reusable.
  • Put stunning eye makeup in an instant.
PRICE: Rs. 415 ($3.75)  for 7 gm