Hello everybody, have you read my Ryaal Essentials Organic Argan Oil review? If you have, then you must have known how much I love this oil for my hair and brows.

Today, I'm back with yet another review from the same brand Ryaal Essentials.  They have launched quite a few new products on amazon, which you can get from here

PRICE: Rs.208 + Rs.50 Shipping for 150 gm


It comes in a tin container with all the details mentioned on it. There is a white separator between the shea butter and the cap. 

The jar is quite heavy and sturdy. It contains 150 gm of the product which is a good quantity for Rs.208 


This consistency is very thick and takes few minutes to totally absorb into your skin. If you apply it directly onto your skin, then it may appear a little sticky at the beginning but after few minutes it gets absorbed and your skin feels so soft and moisturized.


Shea butter can be used in preparing body butters, lip balm, hair mask, face cream, etc. Its very useful and healthy for the skin. 

This Shea butter can be used alone and also can be mixed with your desired ingredients to make your own product. I've used it alone on my face as well as my hands and elbows. It makes your skin so soft and moisturizes it too. I prefer using it on alone while sleeping, so when I wake up, I get well moisturize skin.

It is Cruelty free as well and known for reducing skin irritation and evens out skin tone & wrinkles. It is non comedogenic so it can be used on sensitive skin or acne prone skin.


  • Very Moisturizing 
  • Helps to prevent wrinkles 
  • Improves the Skin's texture
  • Cruelty Free
  • Affordable 
  • Can be used alone or can be used to prepare other products
  • Reduced Skin Irritation
  • Non Comedogenic



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