Affordability has different meaning to different persons. In my opinion, anything under Rs.500 is affordable. So when I stumbled upon this lipstick from 7Heaven, I was elated! Imagine the joy of a college student when she finds a 1) 'matte' lipstick under Rs.500 and 2) a trending color. I jumped at the opportunity, literally grabbed the lipstick (lol) since it was the only piece available. So, no more blabbering, lets just start with my review!

7Heaven's Photogenic Matte Lipstick (302 Kisses)

PRICE: Rs.200

Where To Buy? Amazon | Flipkart


PACKAGING: The lipstick comes in a black case with white detailing. The packaging is very sleek and travel-friendly. This lipstick is color coordinated and the best part is that the color coordinated cap is removable and contains the color as well.

TEXTURE: This lipstick is super matte! Since it is super matte it doesn't glide onto your lips easily, you have to apply pressure. But after applying this lipstick, its very comfortable on the lips though.

Tip: Prep your lips prior applying this (or any matte) lipstick. Use a lip balm and the after 3-5 mins remove the excess balm. In this way, your lipstick won't dry out your lips.

COLOR & SWATCH: This lipstick is a mauve color with maroon undertones. Its very 'in trend' color and would suit fair-tan medium skin tones. Its an everyday lip shade!


First of all, its a very pretty color. Its super matte so don't expect to glide onto your lips easily, you have to apply pressure. The color is totally build-able. On one swipe, the bullet might not deposit enough color due to pressure differences, but after two swipes, it shows its true color.

Now coming to the duration, it stays for about 4-5 hours straight and then stars fading but leaves behind a stain. If you eat full course meal then this lipstick totally fades away. 

If we look through the price point, then it does pretty good job. I totally recommend it. Its a pretty shade at a pretty price which does not hurt our purses ;)

  • Affordable
  • Travel Friendly
  • Sleek design
  • Pretty shade
  • lasts long
  • Super matte
  • Availability can be a difficulty
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