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by - 6/07/2016 12:04:00 pm

Hello everybody, Today I'm up with another EOTD. I'll be teaching you all a very simple eye makeup for any festive occasion or any weddings. You can even use this eye makeup for Bridal makeup purposes. So lets start with the tutorial.


  1. First of all I primed my lids using Essence I love Stage eyeshadow base. I set this with my Sephora compact powder.
  2. Then I applied a brick red matte eyeshadow on my crease with a tight dome shaped brush.
  3. Then I blended the red eyeshadow into the crease.
  4. I applied some dark brown eyeshadow in the outer V of my eyes and then blended it as well.
  5. Then apply the same brick red eyeshdow (used in the crease) onto your lids. Make sure to pack the colour, DO NOT DRAG IT! Blend the harsh edges as well.

  6. Now apply some white highlighter (no.1) in the inner corners of the eyes, as well as on the brow bone.
  7. Now apply a mix of shimmery rose gold and red eyeshadow (No.2 + 3) on the lower lash line and apply lots and lots of mascara.
  8. Hence, now we are complete!
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