Swiss Beauty MATTE ME Ultra Smooth Matte Liquid Lipstick (S-17 Petal) REVIEW

Now-a-days we are ALL *obsessed* with Matte lipsticks! But in case of "Liquid Matte Lipstick", we girls go crazyyy! But the matte liquid lipsticks from popular brands surely give a dent to our (teenage girls) pocket money *sigh*...

BUT DON'T YOU WORRY! Some Indian Drugstore brands like 'Incolor, Swiss Beauty, Arezia, etc.' have come up with liquid matte lipsticks and they may have (or may not) created dupes of the popular "Sleek Matte Me" lipsticks. So Today I'll be reviewing the "Swiss Beauty MATTE ME Ultra Smooth Matte Liquid Lipstick" in the shade "S-17 Petal"

About the brand:
Swiss Beauty is an Indian Drugstore brand. More details can be gained from

Price: Rs.199 (varies from store-to-store)

 Ingredient: Not Mentioned

My Review On The Product:

This lipstick is available on various shades yet the availability is quite a matter. This one is available online and local cosmetic stores. But you can get it from Flipkart.. 

When i first saw the product, the first thing that came into my mind is that "this one looks like Sleek's Matte Me lipstick". Packaging wise its totally same. I cannot tell
you much about its similarity with the Sleek one 'coz I don't have it! *sigh* 


The lipstick comes in a transparent glass tube and the color is visible through the tube. It has a dome-shape applicator which again is a plus point because you can easily apply it.

In the front space, the brand name and the word "Matte Me" is written. And the cap is matte black! 
The back side of the tube usually has the bar code thing and the other details of the product.

The packaging was quite sleek. It is good for traveling.

The lipstick comes with a dome-shaped applicator. You don't need an extra lip liner, just a lipstick is enough.The lipstick is very matte. It takes a while like 5-10 mins to set and become fully matte. But when i becomes matte, it doesn't budge, doesn't smudge! To top with, this is waterproof! The lipstick is super pigmented and one stroke is enough.

STAYING POWER: The staying power is good. It stayed for about 5 hours after then it starts chirping off from the middle of the lips. 

  • The lipstick is super matte, so I recommend applying a lip balm underneath, to prevent drying of the lips.
  • You cannot simply wipe the lipstick by applying water, ITS WATERPROOF! So use a makeup remover or take a little quantity of  Vaseline in a cotton pad and use it as a makeup remover.


  • Affordable
  • Travel friendly.
  • Good pigmentation.


  • No ingredients :(
  • Quite drying , if you don't wear a lip balm underneath.
  • Removing the lipstick from the lips can be quite a trouble.

OVERALL RATTING: **** (4 stars)


  1. Such an amazing matte liquid lipstick and comes under budget too! Will have to check it out :)

    1. The range of shades are amazing as well :)

  2. A hidden gem. Over drying factor can be managed for the glam look. Well reviewed!

  3. The shades are really flattering on you! I love matte lipstick too..Nice review!

    1. Thank you. I've more shades. I'll post them soon :)

  4. The shade looks pretty. But I can see from the swatches itself that it is drying.

    1. Yes it can be quite drying. I did not used a lip balm so it appeared to be flaky at first. But after i scrubbed and applied a good lipbalm and then applied it, it worked pretty good.

  5. The incolor one is better and u get it fr 150 bucks in Mumbai.. need to check this out

    1. Actually it was out of stock,so i ordered this one online. And the online sellers they charge way more. :"(

  6. Where can I buy these from in Delhi?

  7. Where can I buy these from in Delhi?

    1. Maybe you can find these at Impressions in Karol Bagh

  8. I have the same lipstick in shade S11 (Angel Bliss).

    The lipstick totally disintegrates when it comes in contact with oily food, melting off of your lips.

    The ingredients are listed below the bar code after you peel off the first sticker.

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  10. Hello, I bought a liquid matte lipstick from the same brand, but in a dark red color. I generally agree with your review, but I needed a lip liner. Also, it set quickly, in less than 5 mins.

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